Wear Resistance

Controlling wear and friction can deliver numerous system benefits including longer part life and reduced maintenance, higher efficiency and less energy loss, higher load bearing and run speeds, and elimination of noise. Thermoplastics resins and compounds can be effective at solving wear and friction issues and offer advantages over metals including improved corrosion resistance, reduced weight/lower inertia (power requirements), and elimination of external lubricants.

  • Ardel PAR


    Ardel PAR

    tock shapes extruded from Ardel Polyarylate (PAR) resin are specifically formulated to endure the damaging effects of UV light. When exposed to UV light, this unique material undergoes a molecular rearrangement resulting in the formation of a protective layer essentially serves as a UV stabilizer.

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  • Arolux PPS


    Arolux PPS

    Arolux Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) is a high performance semi-crystalline thermoplastic with broad resistance to chemicals and great performance in elevated temperatures. With a continuous use temperature over 420°F, PPS is a popular choice for bearing, wear, and structural applications.

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  • Lennite (UHMW-PE)


    Lennite (UHMW-PE)

    Lennite Ultra-High Molecular-Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) is ram extruded bar stock that is made in accordance with ASTM specification F648 and International Standard ISO 5834-1 for orthopedic implants. Sterilization methods include EtO gas, cold sterilization, and limited gamma irradiation.

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  • Pomalux (POMC)


    Pomalux (POMC)

    omalux Polyoxymethylene (POMC) is a high-performance acetal copolymer most commonly used in engineering thermoplastic for a wide range of applications. Its good chemical, high-temperature, and ability to withstand load and friction attributes are attractive to the food processing industry and others.

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  • Pomalux CN-F (POMC)


    Pomalux CN-F (POMC)

    Pomalux CN-F is conductive acetal copolymer that contains non-sloughing carbon-fibers which not only act to produce a conductive material on the ESD scale, but also has enhanced mechanical characteristics such as strength and stiffness.

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  • Pomalux CN-P (POMC)


    Pomalux CN-P (POMC)

    Pomalux CN-P is a conductive acetal co-polymer. It is a carbon powder filled material offering consistent surface and volume conductivity. Properties of note include dimensional stability, strength, stiffness, and chemical resistance.

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  • Pomalux SD-A (POMC)


    Pomalux SD-A (POMC)

    Pomalux SD-A is non-carbon-filled, permanently static-dissipative acetal co-polymer, which is non-migratory and non-humidity dependent. Natural in color, this material offers enhanced lubricity, provides superior wear resistance, and ease of machining. Exhibiting low outgassing and non-sloughing characteristics, it is optimal for applications where third body carbon transfer cannot be accepted.

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