Westlake Plastics has been involved in the aerospace industry since the 1980s as the first company to process several of the high-performance materials used today. We continue to facilitate our customers’ success by developing new materials that not only meet the stringent end use requirements but also satisfy the regulator environment. Our standard aerospace products are listed below, and we welcome the opportunity to utilize our relationships with resin suppliers and OEMs to develop and qualify new materials.

  • Arolux PEKK


    Arolux PEKK

    Arolux PEKK is the first thermoformable PEKK product. Until now the PEKK family of products could not be easily formed and Engineers were forced to rely on machining to get the parts they needed. The thermoformable characteristics of Arolux PEKK expands the application possibilities offered by the PEKK family.

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  • Fluorolux (PVDF)


    Fluorolux (PVDF)

    Fluorlolux Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) is a material which offers excellent corrosion and chemical resistance at both ambient and elevated temperatures. PVDF is also inherently UV stable, mechanically tough, and abrasion, flame, and smoke resistant.

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  • Halar



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  • Kynar 740 (PVDF)

    KYNAR 740

    Kynar 740 (PVDF)

    Westlake’s Kynar 740 stock shapes are made exclusively from Arkema’s Kynar 740 Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) resin. The material is an extremely tough engineering thermoplastic offering excellent corrosion and chemical resistance at both ambient and elevated temperatures.

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  • Tempalux (PEI)


    Tempalux (PEI)

    Tempalux Polyetherimide (PEI) is an amorphous material offering a combination of useful characteristics, including high dielectric strength, high strength at elevated temperatures (up to 180C for extended periods of time), high modulus, and broad chemical resistance. Tempalux is inherently flame resistant with low smoke emission. The material displays property retention and resistance to environmental stress cracking when exposed to a wide variety of chemicals.

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  • Zelux M (PC)


    Zelux M (PC)

    Zelux M is a Machine grade Polycarbonate (PC). Zelux M offers excellent dimensional stability, toughness, strength, and rigidity, with service temperatures up to 250°F. This material has good insulating properties and is flame resistant.  Zelux is easy to fabricate, paint, and glue.

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  • Zelux W (PC)


    Zelux W (PC)

    Zelux W is a Window grade Polycarbonate (PC) that is optically clear with excellent dimensional stability, toughness, good strength, and stiffness with service temperatures up to 250°F. Zelux W is often used for structural applications when clarity and impact strength are essential including lenses, manifolds, sight glass, and machine guards.

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