Lab and Diagnostics

At Westlake Plastics, we are proud to support the industry by offering manufacturers of test, measurement and analytical devices a comprehensive portfolio of biocompatible thermoplastic stock shapes that are used in a range of applications including lab on a chip , microfluidic manifolds, diagnostic cassettes, chromatography.

Westlakes Zelux GS polycarbonate, Tempalux polyetherimide, Thermalux polysulfone, Cylux cyclic olefinic copolymer and cyclic olefinic polymer and our TPX polymethypentiene offer a range performance attributes including optical transparency, chemical resistance, low leachable and extractibles.

Westlake Plastics offers film, sheet and slab forms from 0.05mm to 101 mm thick.  Width and lengths vary based on gauge/thickness and material type.  Round bar is available from 12.70mm D up to 305mm D.  Standard lengths are 1219mm to 2438mm.

A longtime supplier in the life science market Westlake Plastics understands and conforms to industry requirements with respect to surety of supply, change management, raw material lot control and product traceability.  Our quality management systems are ISO9001 and ISO13485 accredited.



Our Product portfolio:

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  • Zelux GS (PC)


    Zelux GS (PC)

    Zelux GS is extruded with polycarbonate resin designed for gamma and e-beam sterilization. Product exhibits excellent impact resistance and good strength and stiffness up to 120°C.   The polycarbonate resin meets the requirements of USP VI and ISO 10993 biocompatibility standards.  Suitable sterilization methods include gamma, e-beam, EtO, and limited cycle autoclaving. Extruded product is fully lot traceable.

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  • Tempalux WM (PEI)


    Tempalux WM (PEI)

    Tempalux WM is Westlake Plastics’ medical grade of polyetherimide (PEI). This material is FDA, USP VI and ISO-10993 compliant. Its regulatory compliance profile and lot traceability make it ideal for use in medical and life science applications. Sterilization methods include EtO gas, radiation, steam autoclaving, dry heat and cold sterilization.

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  • Thermalux PSU


    Thermalux PSU

    Thermalux Polysulfone (PSU) is an amber colored, semi-transparent, heat-resistant, high performance engineering thermoplastic that offers higher heat resistance and better hydrolytic stability than polycarbonate (PC). It retains its good mechanical properties when exposed to steam and other sterilization techniques.

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  • Cylux C (COC)


    Cylux C (COC)

    Cylux C Cyclic Olefin Copolymer (COC) is a unique material combining transparency/optical clarity with chemical resistance and low moisture absorption. This product also is compliant to a number of regulatory standards which makes it ideal as an option for use in the medical devices and food process industries.

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  • TPX (PMP)


    TPX (PMP)

    TPX Polymethylpentene (PMP) is a crystalline thermoplastic offering a unique combination of a very low-density value (0.82 g/cc), permeability, heat resistance and releasability (very low surface tension). TPX has outstanding low-dielectric properties which makes it an excellent candidate for high-frequency applications. TPX is an excellent choice for items that require steam sterilization.

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