Westlake Plastics and Partners Team Up for Project Rescue Ocean in the Mini Transat 6.50


Westlake Plastics and Partners Team Up for Project Rescue Ocean in the Mini Transat 6.50

Every other year since 1977, Classe Mini boats measuring only 6.5 meters long take to the sea in a transatlantic race—the Mini Transat 6.50—matching the wits, courage and endurance of man- and woman-kind as he/she uses only wind to conquer and navigate the ocean.

Departing from the west coast of France, these small watercraft sail to either the Caribbean or Brazil, stopping for only a few short weeks in Las Palmas, Spain, to avoid the hurricane season. A solo race, a single person—the skipper—navigates 4,000 miles of open water, unaided by any type of communication other than undetailed weather forecasting, in a Spartan craft built for performance, not comfort.

As a plastic stock shape manufacturer, Westlake Plastics is well aware that plastics’ reputation isn’t always viewed in a favorable light. However, plastics have countless uses with capabilities and properties that can help save lives, assist in human mobility, reduce the weight and carbon footprint of today’s machinery, including air- and water-craft, and more. As such, for Mini Transat 2019, Westlake Plastics decided to partner with Tennessee’s In’Tech Medical and Northern France’s ÖSLO to support a non-profit organization—Project Rescue Ocean—that aims to clean the shores and provide education on plastic usage. Our partnership sponsored Project Rescue Ocean’s recyclable, carbon Classe Mini boat, painstakingly built and meticulously captained by Axel Trehin.


Trailing behind by more than 40 miles during the first leg of the Mini Transat, Captain Trehin overcame the odds in failing, erratic winds, overtaking the two leading boats to capture first
place in a breathtaking finish. Westlake congratulates Axel Trehin on his excellent sailoring!

While this was only the first stage of the Mini Transat, his victory is a win for Project Rescue Ocean, for the plastics industry, for our partners and for our planet. This is the first of many endeavors to come for Westlake Plastics as we implement, support and expand initiatives to improve our own carbon footprint and subsidize plastics education for a greener world.