Polyarylate (PAR) is a transparent, light-amber colored polymer that exhibits good toughness, superior optical and mechanical properties, exceptional UV stability and excellent flexural fatigue resistance.

Westlake Plastics stock shapes extruded from Ardel PAR resin are a transparent yellow tint. They are specifically formulated to endure the damaging effects of UV light. When exposed to UV light, this unique material undergoes a molecular rearrangement resulting in the formation of a protective layer that essentially serves as a UV stabilizer.

Ardel PAR has shown a better retention of gloss - with lower haze and light transmission in accelerated aging testing - than polycarbonate. An 8000 hour test conducted on polyarylate showed only a slight loss in properties when compared to a 2000 hour test and 90 percent loss of the original notched Izod strength with polycarbonate. This inherent UV stability combined with superior retention of optical and mechanical properties make polyarylate an ideal choice for any application where weathering effects could pose a problem.

This polymer is flame resistant, with continuous temperature resistance to 260℉.

ARDEL PAR is recommended for semiconductor components, solar energy components, appliance parts and snap lock connectors.

Ardel™ Key Properties:

  • Inherent UV Stability
  • Superior Optical and Mechanical Property Retention
  • Flexural Fatigue Resistance
  • Heat Resistant to 260℉

The Ardel™ Lineup



  • Transparency
  • UV resistance
  • Heat resistant

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