Styralux™ is a versatile Polystyrene (PS) material used to make a wide variety of consumer products. Styralux is an amorphous thermoplastic, used in lower heat applications. It is easy to process, and it offers high impact strength and stiffness. Styralux is often specified for low-strength structural applications when impact resistance, machinability, and low cost are required.

Styralux is a high-impact, opaque material used to make components such as appliances, electronics, automobile parts, and toys. While our PS brand Styraclear is lightweight, clear, and brittle; Styralux benefits from rubber additives to make it more flexible and impact-resistant. Though it has an opaque appearance, it can be painted, labeled, and fabricated with ease.

Styralux™ Key Properties:

  • Low-cost
  • Good machinability
  • Easy to recycle
  • Easy to glue, paint, and print or decorate
  • Easy to thermoform
  • Food-grade compliant

The Styralux™ Lineup


  • Dimensional Stability
  • Food Contact

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