Norylux™ Family


Norylux™ PPO modified Poly Phenylene Oxide is a high-strength, amorphous, engineering plastic with outstanding mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Low moisture absorption and low coefficient of thermal expansion make Norylux™ PPO one of the most dimensionally stable thermoplastics available. Norylux™ PPO is widely used for electrical housings and structural components since it has excellent insulating properties, flame resistance, strength and stiffness, and dimensional stability over a wide range of service temperatures. Norylux™ PPO is often selected for fluid handling applications since it has low moisture absorption and hydrolytic stability. Norylux™ PPO machines easily and may be fabricated into complex shapes with close tolerances. Norylux™ PPO is also easy to weld and glue, and it provides good adhesion to paints, inks, and other decorative coatings. Westlake Plastics extrudes and compression molds unfilled and flame-retardant products and compression molds glass reinforced and glass/mineral filled products.

Colors Available