Pomalux® Family


Pomalux® POMC Polyoxymethylene is a high-performance acetal copolymer. Pomalux® POMC is a 100% recyclable, semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic most commonly used for a wide range of engineering applications. Pomalux® POMC has excellent mechanical, electrical, and wear properties. It is engineered to provide outstanding dimensional stability, even when machining parts with complex geometries. Pomalux® POMC is an excellent choice for many bearing and wear applications since it has low coefficient of friction and wears well in both wet and dry environments. It is widely used for assembly jigs and fixtures because of its inherent dimensional stability and excellent wear properties. These include automotive, electrical & electronics, industrial, and drug delivery applications, gears, bearings, snap fittings, and many other engineering components. Pomalux® POMC is often specified for electrical applications when low moisture absorption and high dielectric strength are required. Both natural (white) and black Pomalux® POMC are FDA compliant for use in food processing machinery. Westlake Plastics manufactures all Acetal extruded & compression molded sheets, plates, and rods in accordance with ASTM D6100. This specification covers requirement and test methods for the material, dimensions, workmanship and the properties of extruded and compression molded sheets, plates and rods.

Colors Available