Pomalux® Family

Pomalux® WR

Pomalux WR (Wear resistant polyoxymethylene copolymer) is made from resin that is suitable for use in certain food contact applications, contact your local Westlake Plastics representative for specific regulatory declarations. Pomalux WR is an internally lubricated acetal copolymer. It offers enhanced wear resistance and lower coefficients of friction compared to standard acetal using a PFOA free permanent lubricant. Pomalux WR offers comparable wear and friction performance to PTFE filled POMc without the risk of voids and inclusions that are commonly associated with compression molded and extruded PTFE filed POMc. Similar to unfilled copolymer acetal, Pomalux WR offers high strength and stiffness and good chemical resistance making it an ideal material for load bearing and transmitting components where enhanced wear and low friction performance are critical performance requirements such as gears, bearing, chain guides and other conveyor components. Product is available in natural (off white) and black. Other colors are available on a make to order basis.

Colors Available