Affordable and Colorful Thermoplastic Surgical Tools Lead to Better Patient Outcomes

Most surgical tools rely on some type of metal in their construction. This could be surgical grade stainless steel, tungsten, titanium, or another alloy. These materials are prized for their high resistance to corrosion, salt, high temperature, organic acids, and for other features that make them safe for introduction into the human body. However, since these surgical instruments all have a metallic aesthetic, they can be easily confused for one another. Vibrant colors help differentiate tools to make for a more efficient medical process, and using surgical equipment fabricated from high-quality medical plastics that are available in distinctive colors is proven to lead to higher patient success rates.

Currently, there aren’t many color options available, and the ones on the market are priced so high that they are cost prohibitive. To fill this void, Westlake Plastics, a world leading manufacturer of high performance thermoplastics, has introduced surgical-grade thermoplastics for the fabrication of orthopedic devices. These include containers and brackets, surgical instrument handles, large and small joint trial devices, impactor devices, and large and small joint implant devices. The instruments come in a variety of colors to optimize medical procedures, and for the first time are affordable, making them must-have assets for every operating room.

Technical innovations that make medical grade thermoplastics possible include the implantable polymer LENNITE® UHMW Polyethylene; single-use polymer (Gamma Sterilized Instrument) ZELUX® GS Polycarbonate; and repeatable-use polymers RADEL® Polyphenylsulfone and PROPYLUX® Polypropylene. These plastics are easy to machine, and they meet all mechanical design and biocompatibility requirements.

Surgical tools fabricated with high-quality medical plastics can harness the power of brilliant colors to differentiate critical features, improve the aesthetics of medical devices, and yield more positive patient outcomes. Westlake offers a reliable supply of thermoplastics that have excellent dimensional stability to enhance ease of manufacturing, all at affordable prices.

To learn more about our ISO 10993, USP Class VI and FDA regulatory compliant thermoplastics for the fabrication of surgical tools, visit us online today!