Pomalux is Westlake Plastics’ family of high-performance acetal copolymers. These materials have excellent mechanical, electrical, and wear properties. Westlake Plastics portfolio includes modified versions to offers modified versions to provide specific dielectric properties.

  • Pomalux (POMC)


    Pomalux (POMC)

    omalux Polyoxymethylene (POMC) is a high-performance acetal copolymer most commonly used in engineering thermoplastic for a wide range of applications. Its good chemical, high-temperature, and ability to withstand load and friction attributes are attractive to the food processing industry and others.

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  • Pomalux CN-P (POMC)


    Pomalux CN-P (POMC)

    Pomalux CN-P is a conductive acetal co-polymer. It is a carbon powder filled material offering consistent surface and volume conductivity. Properties of note include dimensional stability, strength, stiffness, and chemical resistance.

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  • Pomalux CN-F (POMC)


    Pomalux CN-F (POMC)

    Pomalux CN-F is conductive acetal copolymer that contains non-sloughing carbon-fibers which not only act to produce a conductive material on the ESD scale, but also has enhanced mechanical characteristics such as strength and stiffness.

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  • Pomalux SD-A (POMC)


    Pomalux SD-A (POMC)

    Pomalux SD-A is non-carbon-filled, permanently static-dissipative acetal co-polymer, which is non-migratory and non-humidity dependent. Natural in color, this material offers enhanced lubricity, provides superior wear resistance, and ease of machining. Exhibiting low outgassing and non-sloughing characteristics, it is optimal for applications where third body carbon transfer cannot be accepted.

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