Versatile Medical Grade Polymer from Westlake Plastics Withstands High Temperatures

Instrument Sterilization Trays and Implant Caddies must offer demanding end users both dimensional stability and a high heat resistance. Unfortunately, traditional polymers do not perform well during the manufacturing of these trays or during in use exposure conditions. Most polymers would end up warping during the milling process or during the steam sterilization process the trays go through once they are in the field. The challenge for Stoll Metalcraft, a leading sterilization tray fabricator, was clear; to meet the needs of their customers they had to find a  material that was easy to fabricate and offered consistent dimensional stability during machining and during end use. Propylux HS2 from Westlake Plastics proved to be the solution they were looking for.

Dimensionally Stable Medical Grade Propylux HS2

Dimensionally stable medical grade Propylux HS2 is made from an FDA, USP VI compliant polypropylene resin. These sheets are also ISO10993 chapter 5 (in-vitro cytotoxicity) compliant, meeting both US and European standards for medical devices.

Through a unique heat-stabilizing process, the compression molded material is able to withstand higher temperatures with less water absorption than standard polypropylene. It is laser markable, lot controlled and traceable. Recommended sterilization techniques for Propylux HS2 include steam autoclaving and cold sterilization.

Significant Advantages for Medical Grade Fabricators

Material stability, sheet size, yield versus cost, and surface finish are all advantages to consider with compression molded sheets.  Other advantages include:

  • Low moisture absorption
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Compliance
    • Colorants (black, white) and Additives are FDA compliant and BSE/TSE free
    • Shaped black and white product ISO 10993-5 compliant
    • Base PP resin and shaped white product USP VI compliant

These features enable Stoll Metalcraft to take Westlake’s Propylux HS2,and utilize it in a wide variety of tray designs including all plastics designs as well as metal and plastic hybrid  designs.

Westlake: The Leader in Extrusion and Compression Molding Technologies

Westlake Plastics is a leader in extrusion and compression molding technologies of High Performance and medical grade thermoplastics. Its advanced manufacturing capabilities enable  for the conversion of a full range of thermoplastics into stock shapes and film, providing high quality at affordable prices for fabricators like Stoll.

As an early leader of the movement to the use of thermoplastics in life science applications, Westlake Plastics continues to offer and expand a full line of ISO 10993, USP Class VI  and FDA  compliant products.

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