Westlake Plastics offers small quantity R&D materials on Chamfr!

R&D material on demand!

To build awareness and make it easy to get small quantities of our materials in the hands of product development and design engineers, Westlake Plastics now offers a variety of products in small quantities for developmental projects and prototyping on Chamfr.com. Chamfr is a platform that offers no minimum quantity orders, ready-to-ship Life Science materials and components. If you’re in need of stock shape materials for your next R&D project, go on over to Chamfr.com. Westlake materials currently available on Chamfr include Lennite (UHMW-PE) in natural color, Radel (PPSU) in blue, bone, and gray colors, Propylux HS (PP) in blue, gray, and white colors, and Propylux HS2 (PP) in black and white colors. The shapes and sizes available include;

  • Lennite (UHMW-PE) 12” rods (1”, 2”, 3.25” Diameters)
  • Radel (PPSU) 12” rods (1”, 2”, 3” Diameters)
  • Propylux HS (PP) 12” rods (1”, 2”, 3” Diameters)
  • Propylux HS2 (PP) 12” x 12” sheets (0.5”, 1.5”, 2.0” Thicknesses)

Interested in a different color, shape, or size? No problem. Find all product information on Lennite, Radel, and Propylux by visiting their designated product pages or by contacting a Westlake Representative today!